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MHA has the following work items:
Vacant Unit Turn Around

Interested Contractors must adhere the following guidelines in order to work for Monroe Housing Authority:

  • Must carry General Liability ($1mill/$2mill), Workers Comp & Auto Liability ($500,000 minimum).  Monroe Housing Authority must be listed as an “Additional Insured” on all policies.
  • Davis Bacon Wage Rates : Davis Bacon wage rates apply to any project with over $2,000.  Certified Payroll Reports must be submitted weekly.
  • Section 3 Compliance : The work to be performed under this contract is subject to the requirements of Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, as amended, 12 U.S.C. 1701u (Section 3).   The purpose of Section 3 is to ensure that employment and other economic opportunities generated by HUD assistance or HUD-assisted projects covered by Section 3, shall, to the greatest extent feasible, be directed to low- and very low-income persons, particularly persons who are recipients of HUD assistance for housing.

Contractor shall thoroughly clean the entire unit.

·All appliances should be moved in order to paint & clean floors.  Cleaning also includes all bath fixtures, tubs, water closets, windows (inside & out), cabinets in the entire unit, and the stove and refrigerator.

· Contractor shall strip and wax all floors. Entire Unit (brick, windows, storage room, fascia & soffit, porch etc.) shall be power-washed.  Remove all over-spray from brick, fixtures, etc.

·Contractor shall thoroughly clean Stove & Refrigerator.

· Contractor shall patch walls & ceiling as needed.

·Painting includes all ceilings, walls, closets & rods, A/C closets, interior doors and trim, exterior doors and casing,  return air grills & A/C vents, including storage room & door, and porches if applicable.

·Designated Acoustic Ceilings shall be scraped down and an “Orange Peel” texture applied before painting.

· Contractor shall caulk all Base Boards, around tub & toilet, and between the countertop and backsplash.  Caulk shall match existing caulk in color.

·Contractor shall replace all damaged outlets, including GFI’s, and switches.  All electrical outlet covers and switch plates shall be replaced with “Ivory” nylon covers. Broke or missing “Blank” & Cable covers shall be replaced to match existing.

·Contractor shall replace all glides, hinges etc. as needed in order to provide “Like New” working cabinets.  Any damaged or rotten wood inside cabinets shall be replaced to match existing. Contractor shall replace any missing countertop end caps to match existing.

·Contractor is responsible for replacing damaged/missing bedroom light fixtures & globes to match existing.

·Contractor shall ensure that all electrical and plumbing is working properly.  Should there be a problem, contractor shall notify MHA immediately to resolve the situation.

·Contractor shall replace missing/inoperable light bulbs with new CFL bulbs.

·Contractor shall install new air and vent-a-hood filters as needed.

·Contractor shall ensure that toilet is properly fastened.

·Replace missing/inoperable door stops, striker plate, & screen door closure.

·Ensure that all passage locks work properly and door latch properly.

All additional work items will be marked with “X” for identification.  Should contractor find additional damages that are not marked, he must contact MHA Representative for approval before continuing.  Contractor will not receive additional compensation for work not approved in writing.

·Designated VCT floor tile shall be removed and replaced with new tile to match existing as close as possible.  This should be done before floor is waxed.  Existing damaged baseboards shall be removed before walls are painted, any damage to the wall caused by baseboard removal shall be the responsibility of the contractor.  Contractor shall install new baseboard (Lowes item#85814 Ever True 4.25” x 12’ Interior, or approved equal), paint & caulk.  Flooring contractor shall be responsible for installing, painting & caulking new qtr. round.

·Contractor is responsible for replacing designated exterior door/door units.  Door/unit replacements shall be painted to match existing. Contractor is responsible for replacing designated doors.  Doors are to be finished to match existing.  Interior closet doors shall be varnished instead of painted. All doors shall be finished with a brush, not a roller.

·Damages toilets and/or seats shall be replaced with new to match existing.

·Contractor shall replace all designated damaged blinds with like kind.

·Contractor shall replace any missing items & ensure that all bath accessories are secure, i.e. towel bars, toilet paper holder, toothbrush holder, soap dish etc.

MHA Responsibility

·Sweep unit clean and remove all furniture, trash, etc.

·Utilities shall turned on before Contractor can begin work. Contractor has 10 calendar days to complete the unit.

·All items to be replaced will be clearly marked with “X” i.e. blinds, doors, floor tiles, etc.