Early Childhood Education

This initiative is a collaborative project between Monroe Housing Authority, The Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana, and Monroe City Schools in an effort to create a bridge between the families who reside in the Burg Jones Family Development, the Monroe City School System, and the community agencies who provide resources and services to residents in Ouachita Parish. The vision of the project is to increase the literacy rates of young minority children who reside in low-income housing by providing them with sustainable learning programs that will expose them to not only structured learning in a school setting but also additional enrichment activities that will help the children to become more well-rounded by experiencing a multitude of activities ranging from robotics training to exposure to the performing arts.

The Literacy Plus initiative provided structured learning activities to 60 children ages K-2nd grade for 4 weeks at Berg Jones Elementary School. The children participated in the program from June 2nd-June 26th (Monday through Thursday from 7:30am-12:30pm, receiving breakfast & lunch each day.) The on-site school portion of the program will be run by certified teachers and paraprofessionals—the children will not only receive structured learning in reading, math, and language arts but participated in additional enrichment activities through partnerships with additional community agencies such as the Ouachita Parish Library, The YMCA, Black Bayou which ties into the “plus” aspect of the Literacy Plus program.