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Apply for Housing

If you are interested in living in one of our Properties for Family Living, applications are available at all 6 family housing locations throughout the city of Monroe and at the MHA Annex Building, 210 Harrison Street, Monroe, LA. If you are out of town; or unable to come into the office to complete an application, please contact MHA at 318-388-1500 to have one mailed to you. Applications will only be accepted by mail or in person.
Anyone who requires special services should contact MHA at 318-388-1500 or TDD/TTY 1-800-545-1833 ext. 872.
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Please include the following information with your application for Family Housing:

*Application must be completed and signed by all household members age 18 and older

*Birth Certificates must be provided for all household members

*Social Security Cards must be provided for all household members

*Picture I.D. must be provided for all household members age 18 and older

*Verification of any housing priority you may qualify for must be provided

*Proof of income for all household members (if employed we will need the last four (4) most recent check stubs)

Housing priorities are as follows:

1. The urgency of housing needs is due to: floods, fire, natural disaster, etc.

2. Families displaced by government action

3. Applicant is a veteran or spouse of a veteran

4. Applicant is a victim of domestic abuse



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Application for Public Housing

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